How to WIN OVER your counterpart in a negotiation!

The other day I was sitting in a negotiation...

I could see one of the parties’ growing frustration as they were not able to convince the other party on a pretty valid point. Let me tell you what they did wrong.  

When preparing for a negotiation everybody spends a large amount of time rehearsing their storyline.

So what exactly were they doing while the other party was speaking?

They were rehearsing their arguments in their heads and NOT listening. I could see the main principle drawing the Eiffel tower when the other party was talking.  

How can you win them over?  

Let them tell their story when THEY want to and listen to them. Refrain from speaking out first - even if you are a claimant in a dispute. If you do not give them the floor and listen to them they will not have the ability to listen to you properly and understand your argument. 

Your counterpart is sitting on valuable information that you need and that’s why you are speaking to them in the first place.  

Let them spill the beans first and they will open up their minds.