Mag. Milica Nikolic

Milica Nikolic, Via Donau

“An 800 Mio EUR dispute settled in one day!”

Miryan is excellent. There were so many uncertainties. It was blurry like a cloudy day. But she did it.”

She scrutinizes the merits, so you don't have to.

After all, if you spend too much time emphasizing the weaknesses in your client’s case, it can become a problem. Instead, the merits of the case should be scrutinized by a mediator.

Ongoing studies show a success rate of above 80% for dispute resolution processes like mediation. That speaks volumes.

I, Miryan, am here to help you put the dispute behind you so that you can focus on influencing the risk appetite of the business. Keep your energy for supporting business growth! This is THE solution to finally get your fee (or to not pay your business partner because they messed up).

Miryan Weichselbaum-Gharibo

Hold on! We haven’t met yet. Let me introduce myself here.

Dipl. VW Florian Beckermann

Florian Beckermann, Restructure GmbH

“Miryan is a top-notch disputes expert!”

“When I go into my lawyer mode and give a detailed legal view of a dispute that's subject to a number of caveats, business gives me the side-eye. They want to put disputes behind them. Thank you, Miryan, for providing such great results!”

Would you like to check out some of my cases? here.

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