Are you in trouble?
Desperately looking for a way out?

I’m Miryan...

and I have the solution for your conflict in my hand.

Miryan Weichselbaum-Gharibo

I have answers!


LET’S AGREE resolves disputes (yours) in the corporate world. And disputes between countries. And disputes between countries and investors, since 2013.


LET’S AGREE is me, the founder and owner, Miryan Weichselbaum-Gharibo. Just to be clear though: the company’s name is “LET’S AGREE” - but I only agree when I am really convinced of the best possible solution for my clients. More about me here.

How does LET’S AGREE work?

Both parties who are in a dispute appoint me, Miryan, as their mediator so that the seemingly unresolvable conflict works out for everyone in the end.
This can happen before or parallel to the trial process or arbitration. And it’s never too late to take the step of calling me. One minute before the final verdict is a popular moment.
I work together with internal and external legal counsel along the way. After all -they are the ones writing the final settlement agreement, right?


People always tell me, “We are never going to agree.” That prompted the name “LET’S AGREE.” Anyway, please only agree when it makes sense, okay?

What’s my big WHY?

In my former job - I was general counsel myself for many years - I saw disputes destroy companies and put people into states of major depression.
I could deal with it when I was general counsel. But when I became a claimant myself, I went through a grueling trial process.
I was only too thrilled to get out of it with my sanity and with my pay. (Even though I was right - of course.)
Years have passed, and now I can happily make it my job to take the grueling part off your hands.

Do really have the solution in your hands?

At first sight, it might look like they are empty in the picture.
But I hold every skill to get disputing parties to an agreement so that nobody stands there empty-handed.

Where do I work?

Like, (almost) everywhere - check out the world map here. But I don't always fly out to every client in every country. Say you're building a shopping mall in Dubai and have a dispute with your contractor. We can have meetings in your empty mall, but maybe you'd prefer Vienna or London - in a law office or in conference rooms.
By the way, if you book conference rooms, we'll need three - one for each party and one for me.

What’s in it for you, as my client?

A lot.
Picture this:
You have an issue with one of your business partners and you cannot reach an agreement. (He wants 100% and you do not want to pay anything.)
In other words, you're stuck in a settlement negotiation. Or worse, most times, you haven't even started to negotiate yet.
At the same time, your secretary makes a fresh print-out of the next legal bill and puts it on your office desk. And it won't be the last one.
This is when it's time to make a choice and get that dispute behind you. That’s where I come in.

Do I get a success fee?

No. That would be unethical. Why? A success fee would give me a direct interest in the outcome. Whereas, I'm neutral.

Why can’t we agree on our own?

I knew you were going to ask that!
As if the issue itself were not enough already, add to this the way the human brain works: When we are disagreeing with someone our viewpoints become skewed. We get tunnel vision like horses on a hackney carriage in old town Vienna. This also applies to people in powerful positions, like general counsels.

It's almost impossible to get out of such a complex situation on your own, without an expert by your side. A mediator points the way to a clear resolution.

Do I work with real professional GCs that know what they're doing?

Yes, real professionals from huge international companies that can be listed as well. The bigger the corporation, the more complicated the dispute.

Do I have a team?

I am working with a fabulous team for administration and marketing. Everything related to resolving a dispute is in my hands.

What if one side wants to work with you and the other side says no?

This happens because disputing parties will even refuse to share the lunch bill - it’s part of how we react when we're angry.
Have they proposed another professional mediator or do they just say no to everything you suggest?
Happy to help out - get in touch here.

Tick tock, tick tock… it seems like the other side just wants to delay.
What should be done?

Nobody walks into mediation saying, “I am so excited to be here! Let's settle this case and go to a pub afterwards!”

It’s more like going to the dentist. You have a hole in your tooth that’s painful and has been bothering you for months on end.

You've found someone to help you with it - someone who’s going to take away the pain that is paralysing the rational part of your brain. Great.

After all, the cavity is not going to disappear on its own. On the contrary, it will get worse and worse with time.

What are you supposed to do?

Go for it! The likelihood that you will put the dispute behind you is well above 80%, even if your brain screams NEVER.

What if the other side wants rights waived (ex. waiving a time-bar problem), and then they'll be ready to mediate the case?

Not a good idea. As much as there is a VERY high chance that you will agree, there is no guaranteed settlement.

Do I travel to other cities for clients?

Yes. I am also very happy if you choose to come to Vienna.

Take the following into account: we have great Christmas markets and the world's best Schnitzel all year long.

Is it true that you speak the language of Jesus?

Yes! Arameic. And I did not learn it at university - it’s my mother tongue.

How have I resolved zillions of millions of Euros?

With six years' experience in dispute resolution, people in conflict trust me. Many cross-border disputes that I've resolved have had a very high amount in dispute. (Think in digits of 9.) Infrastructure projects are of especially high value.

At my best, I've been honoured to resolve a dispute between the European Union and an aspiring Member State.

But even if it’s about a hundred thousand Euros, all cases and clients are equally close to my heart for one simple reason: it’s important to the people involved no matter how much it’s about.

This is fabulous. What should I do now?

Tell me your story!

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Miryan Weichselbaum-Gharibo, founder of LET’S AGREE, left her decades-long general counsel career to resolve disputes between companies and countries.

She has ranked in shiny directories for her work and is one of the few people who have successfully resolved disputes between the European Union and one of its aspiring member states.

Born Austrian from Aramaic descent, Miryan crazily decided to study law in a third language that she had to learn from scratch in 6 months - Swedish. Miraculously, she passed the language admission test after just six months of study. This began her journey to become a Swedish law professional - and she did.

Miryan holds a Master's degree in Commercial Law, has studied on Bachelor’s level Economics and an LL.M. in International Tax law.

She laughs when walking through IKEA in Vienna with her large silver trolley because she understands what all those furniture names really mean.

She began her career in law as legal counsel, then general counsel in the financial industry. She worked for large banks like Unicredit and others that manage hundreds of millions.

Since 2013, she has resolved tons of disputes that opened with: “We are never going to agree."

Miryan has a diverse heritage and people call her “multi-culti.” She speaks and works in German, English, Swedish, and Assyrian and understands Danish, Norwegian, and Italian. She has a little school knowledge of French thrown in there, too.

Miryan lives and works in Vienna, Austria, and travels (nearly) everywhere for her clients.

She understands corporate culture from the inside out due to her GC roles and thinks like an entrepreneur. She still enjoys when her clients argue “attorney style” with punches and counterpunches, dissections and cross-examinations in that precise, decorous lawyer language.

With lots of gratitude,

Sign Miryan

PS: The best solution is just an email away!

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