What if you could go from being an onlooker in your company to being the saviour of major deals?
What do you think?


Be honest. How many times have you heard:
“We avoid asking legal.”


“This has been so hideous that I thought about
dropping the claim completely.“

"This dispute is literally the first thing that I think about when I get up in the morning and the last thing before I close my eyes at night. Awful!“

"It’s hard to fathom that we have spent more money than the amount in dispute.“

What's your story?


Jakub Szczepański

Jakub Szczepański, Epson Erope BV

“I almost wrote off that claim!”

“I just was not very happy about it.
I always thought that you need to compromise, but you don’tif you work with Miryan (and have a strong case, of course).
She’s excellent!

We all know how quickly the circumstances in markets can change. Fees and prices start to fluctuate. Your client refuses to pay the agreed fee from 2 years ago or you simply did not get what you signed up for.

80% of all claims settle sooner or later.
The sooner they settle, the more cost-efficient.

As counsel, you are the one who thinks about the long-term success of the business. You are the one who wants to protect the business like a shield against external harm. You are the gladiator in a hardcore corporate arena.


Don’t think it’s possible?


“We now have 100% influence over the risk appetite of the business. We are not overweight anymore.
People have started walking out of my office with a smile, even though I say no, because they have started trusting my opinion.”

“Working with a neutral mediator is the best. All the stuff you do not want to tell your board, but they need to hear, she can convey it. That lessens your worries.“

“The mediation paid for itself because I got more money out of the settlement than I expected.“

Still sitting on the fence
and just watching?

It’s a matter of principle! You want JUSTICE.

Are the only businesses that resolve disputes with a neutral mediator those that don't have the resources to go to court?

Not at all! I have worked with oligarchs, sheiks and countries that have enough financial stability to fight in court for years. At some point, they just want a solution and to move on.

You'll receive advice left and right. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you’d like to get out of this situation or not, whether you want to try and settle or not.


Mag. Eliane Fischer

Eliane Fischer, FRESHFIELDS

“It always makes sense to try to settle through mediationparallel to proceedings. It’s the perfect supplement!
Miryan has an impressive track record and is fabulous!”


Florian Beckermann
Restructure GmbH

Dipl. VW Florian Beckermann

No other option will get you a faster, more efficient settlement than this.

Just one final thought here:

You owe it to yourself and all the stakeholders in the business to take this opportunity. By taking this step, your name will be synonymous with true legal excellence. You will become the ultimate trusted advisor.

What's your story?


From power plant to power point

A Russian Oligarch has invested 9 digits into another power plant project in the Balkan area in Europe.

THE EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment procedure) approved by the local government is challenged by the European Union.

A deal was sealed within a day with all three parties (and two weeks of preparation).

Walk away, walk with grace

Another example:
A European firm of engineers, one of the top players in the UK market, builds futuristic museums in China. This is part of their signature portfolio.

Decisions were made to remove a founding shareholder.

It worked through a one-day mediation in London!

Money does not walk out on its own

An employee's disappeared with your client’s funds?!?!

It's a major scandal on the scale of a real life James Bond movie (with diamonds bought in South Africa).

This needed to stay under wraps and be resolved.

And it did in one day!

Oooops, a drafting mistake...

An “and” instead of “or” (every lawyer’s nightmare) in the contract has the following effect:

Hundreds of thousands are paid out to the wrong people. And they have already bought fancy boats and houses in Spain by the time the mistake is discovered.

They agreed in a one-day mediation.

What's your story?

Go ahead!

What’s in it for you, as my client?

A lot.

Picture this:

You have an issue with one of your business partners and you cannot reach an agreement. (He wants 100% and you do not want to pay anything.)

In other words, you're stuck in a settlement negotiation. Or worse, most times, you haven't even started to negotiate yet.

At the same time, your secretary makes a fresh print-out of the next legal bill and puts it on your office desk. And it won't be the last one.

This is when it's time to make a choice and get that dispute behind you. That’s where I come in.

Do I offer any packages?

Soon! Right now, there are custom-made offers available after you tell me some details about the case. These include: (1) the type of dispute, (2) the number of parties, (3) the countries and jurisdictions involved, (4) the amount in dispute, (5) whether mediation is to occur during or before a trial, and (6) the timeframe for the dispute resolution process.

Do both sides hire me?

Yes, both sides hire and pay me. It can be tough to agree on a mediator when you’re disagreeing with someone. But I can facilitate that as well.

Do I get a success fee?

No. That would be unethical. Why? A success fee would give me a direct interest in the outcome. Whereas, I'm neutral.

Do I do single sessions with each party?

Yes. In single sessions, you can talk to me about confidential information that you do not want your opponent to know about.

Do I charge up front?


What’s my success rate?

It’s phenomenal. Although, in general, the success rates for resolving disputes through mediation are above 80%.

Why can’t we agree on our own?

I knew you were going to ask that!

As if the issue itself were not enough already, add to this the way the human brain works: When we are disagreeing with someone our viewpoints become skewed. We get tunnel vision like horses on a hackney carriage in old town Vienna.

This also applies to people in powerful positions, like general counsels. It's almost impossible to get out of such a complex situation on your own, without an expert by your side. A mediator points the way to a clear resolution.

Do I work with real professional GCs that know what they're doing?

Yes, real professionals from huge international companies that can be listed as well. The bigger the corporation, the more complicated the dispute.

Do I have a team?

I am working with a fabulous team for administration and marketing. Everything related to resolving a dispute is in my hands.

What if one side wants to work with you and the other side says no?

This happens because disputing parties will even refuse to share the lunch bill - it’s part of how we react when we're angry.

Have they proposed another professional mediator or do they just say no to everything you suggest?

Happy to help out - get in touch here.

Tick tock, tick tock… it seems like the other side just wants to delay. What should be done?

Nobody walks into mediation saying, “I am so excited to be here! Let's settle this case!”

It’s more like going to the dentist. You have a hole in your tooth that’s painful and has been bothering you for months on end.

You've found someone to help you with it - someone who’s going to take away the pain that is paralysing the rational part of your brain. Great. After all, the cavity is not going to disappear on its own. On the contrary, it will get worse and worse with time.

What are you supposed to do?

Go for it! The likelihood that you will put the dispute behind you is well above 80%, even if your brain screams NEVER.

What if the other side wants rights waived (ex. waiving a time-bar problem), and then they'll be ready to mediate the case?

Not a good idea. As much as there is a VERY high chance that you will agree, there is no guaranteed settlement.

Do I travel to other cities for clients?

Yes. I am also very happy if you choose to come to Vienna.

Take the following into account: we have great Christmas markets and the world's best Schnitzel all year long.

How have I resolved zillions of millions of Euros?

With six years' experience in dispute resolution, people in conflict trust me. Many cross-border disputes that I've resolved have had a very high amount in dispute. (Think in digits of 9) Infrastructure projects are of especially high value.

At my best, I've been honoured to resolve a dispute between the European Union and an aspiring Member State.

But even if it’s about a hundred thousand Euros, all cases and clients are equally close to my heart for one simple reason: it’s important to the people involved no matter how much it’s about.

This is fabulous. What should be done now?

Tell me your story!