Slow dancing out of an argument?

Inspiring to read how Sara Blakely deals with conflict.  

Disputes are not only part our jobs but also of our everyday life.  

One of our heros knows how to handle conflict! Sara Blakely, Spanx founder shows us how it's done.      

'When we’re fighting or mad at each other, we stop and slow dance for 30 seconds to a minute. One of us will reach out for the other, there’s no music. It takes us out of the moment and lets us be kinder.'  

Slowdancing their way out of arguments!  

How do you handle conflict?  

Fight, flight or dance?

Who inspires you?  

Check out the NY times article below:

Sara Blakely and  Jesse Iztler in the backyard of their Atlanta home
Picture by Johnathon Kelso for The New York Times